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Best Luggage Bags to Carry while Traveling

I have traveled so many times by plane that I can no longer count. I have traveled badly, I have traveled well, I have lost flights, I have broken luggage… Making good luggage seems easy, but it is not. If you go on a vacation more than a week you should be very careful with your luggage bags.
Lightweight luggage bags helps you organize yourself much better, you can carry in the small bag the mobile phone, the wallet and the objects that you need to have on hand during the trip, and the rest of luggage in the backpack for larger travel.
Here are some useful tips to choose the best luggage bags as possible.
Travel Bags
  Travel Bags  
A suitcase is not always the right fit for a trip. For more informal travel or luggage, travel bags can be much better suited. Travel bags with wheels will be perfect travel companions when you need to have your hands free while you move. And a small travel bag or sports bag is always useful for the gym, for day trips with or without overnight stays and, simply, for use as cabin luggage.
A travel bag with wheels can be perfect when you need large luggage capacity, but there is not much space to store it between one trip and the next since many of these bags are reduced to half their normal size when folded.
There are travelers who do not decide between choosing suitcase or backpack to travel by plane. Both have their advantages because the suitcases allow to release the weight to the back and to make the clothes wrinkle less. So how about a traveling backpack with wheels? If you are one of those who can not decide, you can choose a backpack to travel that can also be used as a suitcase with wheels.
Compact Backpacks
   Compact Backpacks
It is comfortable and has compartments to separate all the things that you will need so that the weight of all your luggage is well distributed. If it is also waterproof and takes up very little space, this will be your best travel companion.
A brand of backpacks highly recommended in terms of value for money is “Forvert”, since, in addition to complying with these premises, these backpacks are usually adjustable and have a great design.
Airplane Cabin Bag
 Airplane Cabin Bag    
Cabin Bags are perfect for traveling by plane and meet all the requirements to carry them as carry-on luggage in the cockpit of the plane. Now you only have to fill them with all the things you need on your trip and with all the experiences that bring you back.
Try to be precise and always weigh your luggage before you leave. The secret is in the hand luggage: It is assumed that this luggage is small and light things. You can carry a medium backpack full of bricks and nobody will say anything. The important thing is that it does not have exaggerated dimensions and that it fits where it should.
So if you think you will be overweight, carry all the heavy things that you can put in your carry-on luggage and you will have more weight free to fill it in the luggage that goes in the cellar.
Canvas and Travel Bags
   Canvas and Travel Bags   
Canvas bags are the perfect companion for travel, wherever you go and what you need to transport. Most large canvas bags are mostly used for travel. However, they are quite versatile and can be used in many additional ways. The bags are strong and durable for this purpose and after use can be easily pulled into the washer to clean.
Rigid Luggage
  Rigid Luggage  
These are the most recommended if you travel by motorcycle frequently as they allow you to carry more protected luggage. There are several sizes. Almost all brands offer models with anchors adapted to bikes. The best thing is that the suitcase is made of aluminum, much more resistant than the plastic in case of fall, and make sure that it is watertight so it does not let the water pass.
My personal recommendation is a semi-rigid suitcase and of course with wheels (two or four) to be able to be recessed, rubberized and with bearings. It is perfect if it has straps type backpack to have the possibility to hang it to the back (although it does not usually use them).
Soft Bags or Hard Suitcases?
    Hard Suitcases
Again, opting for a rigid suitcase or for a flexible suitcase has its pros and cons. Hard cases provide better protection for your luggage but they weigh more, they are thicker (the interior space is reduced) and, because they are not so flexible, it is difficult to fit them into the available space or tight compartments.
Soft cases provide less protection for your luggage from scratches or bumps during travel, but they weigh less, offer more space, and are flexible enough to fit in compartments or confined spaces. At an intermediate point, you also have the semi-rigid suitcases that could be your solution if you do not finish deciding if you prefer a soft or hard suitcase.
  Travel Bag with Wheels   
Train Stations, Airports, Seaports and any other place where you have to take a means of transport are likely to be far from the tourist area where you stay, using taxis is generally expensive and if you opt for public transport or walking, then it is better to walk in the middle of the city with a lightweight travel bag or a backpack on the shoulder than a heavy luggage.
I hope these points have served you. You already know that you can leave your comments below!

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