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Best Coffee Roasters in the World

The coffee gained its fame when it was implanted as the popular drink of society which also contributed the appearance of the cafes and places that sold the product and where people met in groups to consume it calmly. However, the origin of the use of coffee is lost in the darkness of time. It is said that the nomadic tribes of Egypt and Abyssinia were sustained in their long migrations with coffee.
Origin of Coffee  
A popular legend explains the origin of coffee:
“It was in the 8th century AD, a lone shepherd from Ethiopia pass to his flock, there grew a strange plant with grains, after eating, that sheep were more cheerful and active”.
Today you can count on hundreds of recipes and ways to make this incredible drink that people just do not invent, to a greater extent to enjoy the unforgettable flavor of coffee.
The Blue Bottle, the coffee reaches its maximum height!
Blue Bottle   
It’s a small coffee roaster that raises a cup of coffee to “Grand Cru”. The combination of handcrafted coffee, meticulously made sandwiches, avant-garde location in an alley and an uplifting and eco-sensitive venue make Blue Bottle the iconic coffee roaster of the 21st century.
Ritual Coffee
Ritual Coffee    
The Ritual Coffee is the unique home for coffee in a Clover Machine. It works, in principle like the rudimentary Japanese system of the Blue Bottle Café, but more quickly. The adjustments for the temperature and the time of elaboration for each class of grain are determined by the group of expert coffee roasters.
Stump Town   
The marble floors, the walnut bar, and the baristas, with the beret, approves that Stumptown is not only the best coffee roaster in Manhattan but a place that has more style. In thick porcelain cups, the Stumptown Espresso is mythical be prepared with the House Blend, or with El Salvador Kilimanjaro, Ethiopia Hache or Sumatra Lake Tawar offers a unique experience. Its bitterness and acidity levels are just perfect.
Madcap Coffee, Grand Rapids
Madcap Coffee   
Madcap Coffee in Grand Rapids is on board with personal expression through the roasting of coffee. It is an art, and as such, events are organized to show the beauty and intricacies of coffee preparation.
The Mexican, Madrid
The Mexican, Madrid   
Its name is in homage to its founder, Dolores Levil Biel. Over a hundred years it has been selling coffees in its stores in Madrid and other cities. The Mexican roast grains of different origins, like the Nariño Supreme Tambo, a unique coffee of original and deep aroma that counts on the world record of the altitude of culture.
The Caravan Café, Montreal
   Caravan Cafe Montreal
If you live in Côtes-Des-Neiges, you surely have passed, or maybe even entered inside the Caravan Cafe, which sits before the Maisonnée! You can buy roasted beans made with a secret recipe, specially designed for the place!
It is the largest coffee supplier and roaster in the world, and the quality of its products has enabled it to have more than 10,000 franchise locations in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific. Its main products are Espresso, Caffe Latte, Mocca Frappuccino and Teas. Starbucks also complements its offering with fresh coffee beans, specialty cups and coffee makers.
Coffee Town, Argentina
Coffee Town     
They are a group of coffee roasters that work hard to guarantee the highest quality of the coffee. Their tasters analyze coffee beans before and after being roasted to ensure that their coffee standards and tasting scores are always “Grand Cru” or Specialty and Premium. Roasters at Coffee Town study each coffee and make the indicated roasting curves to optimize their aroma, flavor, and body. Baristas rigorously apply the correct preparation techniques according to international protocols and use the most appropriate method for each type of coffee.
Five Elephant, Coffee Roaster in Berlin
  Five elephant
Whether you are passing through or not, having a good coffee always fills. If the site chosen is nice and cozy then little else you can ask for. Maybe good company. But the famous coffee roaster from Berlin does not even need that. The constant traffic of regular customers and the good vibe that the staff of this cafe conveys make the lack of conversation, because a delicious coffee is enough to spend a pleasant time, and that is more than guaranteed in Five Elephant.
In the heart of Kreuzberg, one of the most dynamic of Berlin, where the artistic and cultural spirit of the German capital is breathed in every corner, this place is ideal for a short break in the bar or a longer stop.
Verlet Café, Paris
 verlet cafe paris
Very close to the Louvre Museum, Verlet Café is the best place in Paris where you can taste freshly roasted coffees of unique origin and mixtures of the house. It belongs to a family with a long tradition of coffee roasting for three generations. It has a selection of gourmet coffee beans from Colombia, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Australia, Yemen, etc. They can be purchased in bulk or just taste in a comfortable room.
How to Roast Coffee
how to roast coffee    
There are different levels and techniques of coffee roasting that are thought according to the characteristics of the grain, as well as the type of consumer to which it is directed. A careful blend of grain, origin, and type of roasting makes the difference in the quality of the coffee you receive.
First, you have to choose a good green coffee, keeping it in good condition and using it before one year. Next, you must choose which method to use for toasting. It is advisable to take it before ten days after it has been roasted, so it is recommended to roast what is going to be used in the next few days.
   Best Coffee Roasters in World  
To achieve a good roasting, it is necessary to monitor the whole process, paying special attention to the color change and the noises that the coffee causes when roasting, which is the way to learn to achieve the right point. It should be noted however that at the first crack, the sugars begin to caramelize, the water evaporates and the grain oil comes out. From the second crunch, you can begin to burn the grain, which is why you need to be more attentive.
Good to know
Best Coffee Roaster in World   
Coffee should be roasted in an airy place because it produces smoke in its process. It is necessary to consider that the more roasted the grain, the more bitter it will taste. To avoid the loss of aroma and its oxidation by air, the roasted coffee must be kept in an airtight container, since much of the taste disappear about a week after being roasted.
After all, this drink has a truly amazing aroma, the divine taste, and has its useful properties, but all this will be immediately forgotten if you do not learn how to make coffee in a certain way. It is not surprising to say that it has a soul because it is not just a drink, but the whole long story implied in a circle!

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