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How to Dress Like Colin Firth in The 'Kingsman'

Welcome to the Kingsman, an independent intelligence agency, with sharp suits and even sharper weapons. When Harry Hart (Colin Firth) recruits petty thief and criminal Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin (Taron Egerton) to the Kingsman's new class of spies, few believe Gary is suited to join the group of tremendously talented, tweed jacket clad boys. After all, he may be genius-level smart but his yellow, printed bomber just makes him look a little too ridiculous. Scroll down to see the clothing, outfits and style we identified from Kingsman: The Secret Service.
Colin Firth in a still from "Kingsman: The Secret Service." Credit via Twentieth Century Fox
The collection, is well rounded, fit and meticulous to the point. 
Never Button The Bottom Button Of A Suit Jacket
Never do it. Ever. This is the most common mistake that guys make when wearing a suit, and it’s the worst one. Whether it’s got two buttons or three buttons, single or double-breasted, you just shouldn’t do it. The jacket is tailored to only have the middle button closed, so that’s the only button you should close. Ignore the bottom one, it’s just there for style. Oh, and when you’re sitting down, unbutton the jacket again. The jacket will look awkward on you if you don’t and you could actually ruin the shape of it.



Your Jacket Should Fit

This sounds like an obvious one but again a lot of guys break this rule. The shoulders of your suit should hug your own shoulders, there should be no gap between the collar of your shirt and the collar of your jacket, and ideally the jacket sleeves should be about a half-inch shorter than your shirt sleeves. Anything else and the jacket is too big for you. But be careful not to go too far the other way. Skinny fit suits are pretty popular at the moment and can look good, but you should always be able to button the jacket and still fit your hand comfortably between the breast and your shirt.



Waistcoats Should Also Finish At Your Belt

This rule is obviously just for if you’re wearing a three-piece suit, but it is still important to get right. If you pull off a three-piece you will definitely be one of the sexiest bastards in the room, and the key to this is making sure the waistcoat is a pretty slim fit, pinched in at your waist, with it finishing at or just below your belt. And for the love of god, don’t have your tie sticking out from under it. You’ll like a child wearing his big brother’s hand-me-downs that don’t quite fit him yet.







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