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Which Bow Tie Best Compliments Your Outfit?



The bow tie is not merely an accessory; it's a statement. Understanding how to perfectly match a bow tie with your outfit is an art form that can elevate your look from ordinary to extraordinary. With the myriad options available at OTAA's Bow Tie Collection, knowing which one to choose can feel daunting. This comprehensive guide will provide insights, tips, and techniques to help you find the perfect bow tie for every occasion. 

The Historical Significance of the Bow Tie

Embraced by statesmen, academics, and artists alike, the bow tie has long been a symbol of individuality and elegance. Its evolution has seen it move from strict formal settings to everyday casual wear. This rich history allows for the bow tie to complement a wide array of outfits, reflecting both personal style and occasion appropriateness.

Understanding the Types of Bow Ties

Knowing the different types of bow ties available is the first step in making an informed decision. From classic to diamond point, each style has unique characteristics that can enhance your outfit in different ways. Explore pre-tied bowties and more to find your perfect fit.

Basics of Bow Tie Pairing

Understanding the fundamental principles of bow tie pairing can significantly simplify your selection process.

1. Occasion Centric Selection

The event you're dressing up for largely dictates the bow tie style. Formal events demand subtle, elegant colors and materials like satin. In contrast, casual settings offer more flexibility, allowing for brighter colors and varied patterns.

2. Balancing Act with Patterns

Creating a harmonious ensemble involves balancing patterns and solids. If your suit or shirt has an intricate design, it's best to opt for a solid bow tie. Conversely, a solid outfit can be livened up with a patterned bow tie.

3. Proportional Aesthetics

While oversized and slim bow ties are in vogue, consider your physique and outfit style. Slim bow ties often pair well with modern, slim-fit suits, while traditional attires might call for standard-sized bow ties.

Occasion and Outfit Matching

Matching a bow tie with your outfit isn't just about aesthetics; it's about resonance with the occasion and a reflection of your personality. Here's a closer look at various occasions and what bow tie styles work best. For formal events, black-tie events require a sophisticated touch. Classic satin bow ties in subtle hues paired with elegant cufflinks are always a safe bet. Understand the nuances of formality and choose a piece that exudes class without overpowering the rest of your outfit. In business settings, such as meetings, there is a need for a balance of professionalism and style. Lean towards conservative patterns and textures, but don't shy away from expressing your personality.

Explore OTAA's Necktie Collection for more refined options. On the other hand, casual gatherings allow for creativity. Experiment with unique fabrics like velvet or intricate patterns from OTAA's Bow Tie Collection. Whether it's a garden party or a dinner date, let your bow tie reflect your flair for the unconventional. Lastly, themed parties offer an opportunity to have fun with your outfit. Choose bow ties that align with the theme without going overboard. Whether it's a vintage-inspired piece for a retro party or a bright, festive bow tie for a holiday gathering, the key is to harmonize with the theme.

Additional Accessories and Complements

A bow tie doesn't stand alone; it works in tandem with other accessories like tiebars and pocket squares. Learn how to coordinate these elements to create a harmonious ensemble.

Pocket Squares

When it comes to pocket squares, the rule is coordination, not duplication. Match the fabric or pick up a secondary color from the bow tie for a cohesive look.


Whether it's a classic silver pair or something more avant-garde, cufflinks should complement both the bow tie and the watch or other jewelry you might wear.

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins add a layer of finesse to your look. Whether you wear them with skinny ties or classic neckties, they should reflect the theme and color palette of your outfit. 

Considerations for Different Body Types

Consider your body type when selecting a bow tie. Smaller bow ties may complement a slender frame, while larger ones may suit those with a broader build.

Bow Ties for Every Season

Seasonal trends play a crucial role in choosing the right bow tie. Winter calls for rich fabrics like velvet or wool, while summer might lead you to lightweight linen or satin. Aligning your bow tie with the season can make your outfit feel cohesive and well-thought-out.


Choosing the right bow tie to complement your outfit is a nuanced process that requires attention to detail, understanding of the occasion, and a sense of personal style. With this guide and the extensive collection at OTAA, you can navigate the world of bow ties with confidence and grace, ensuring that you always make the perfect choice.




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