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What Kinds of Lapel Pins are There?

Lapel pins are the elegant distinction between casual and formal and the point of difference between lacklustre and luxurious. If you're looking to spark up your suit assemblage, or you need to prepare for a formal event, a smart lapel pin can be the most extravagant and cost effective way to pack a formal punch. 


Knowing your way around the types of various lapel pins can be the most important asset when choosing one for your outfit. Are you trying to communicate a sense of subtle sophistication or are you trying to turn heads with an outlandish number? Men wear lapel pins for various reasons and there are different styles that will suit the statement you are trying to make. 


Types of Lapel Pins

Let's talk about what we're here for; the different types of lapel pins. To put it sentimentally, there's one for every man. 



Boutonniere is a fancy French name that not a whole lot of gents can say. It's a living flower or rose that sits on the lapel of your suit jacket. As most fashion retailers deal in cottons and satins rather than flowers, the best place to find one of these is your up-market florist. The kinds of boutonnieres that will be available at a given time will depend on the season, and they'll certainly require to be ordered in advance. These magnificent florals are a superb option for weddings and are commonly sported by the groom and his groomsmen. Essentially, they're synonymous with romantic sophistication.




Flower Lapel 

These are probably the most common style of lapel pin you'll find. Despite being common, they're diverse enough to offer a sense of individuality in every one. They're made from fabrics including satins, silks, velvets, cottons and linens, and you'll spot them at weddings and fashionista events such as the races. If you're going for a formal arrangement, a satin or silk flower lapel can look luxurious and elegant at the same time. For a slightly edgier look, cottons and linens make a superb statement. 


Lapel Pin with Suit


Flower Lapel Pin Flower Lapel Pin Back


Metal Lapel Pin 

Metal lapel pins are purely made out of metal and generally involve a solid emblem that's connected to a long stick pin. These styles are particularly desirable if you want to display a bit of personality without looking too outlandish. They're usually relatively small and come in a vast collection of unique designs. If you're a sports fan and you want to show off your passion, you shouldn't have too much trouble tracking down a tennis, golf or even basketball lapel pin. Similarly, there are plenty of animal themed motifs to get heads turning.  


Rabbit Lapel Pin



Rabbit Lapel Pin Rabbit Lapel Pin Back

Button Pin 

Button pins are similar to badges. They include a small pin at the back of the emblem that slides through the hole of your suit jacket lapel. These button pins come in a  wide variety of styles such as animal, sports and symbolic motifs. 

Button Pin   Button Pin Back



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