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How To Tie a Tie

What do Neckties Symbolise?

From a symbol of power to a fashion statement, the necktie defines the personality of its wearer. Whether it signifies he is a sports fan, father, or traditionalist, a necktie can instantly reveal pieces about a man’s personality. Fashion experts believe that a man can wear a white shirt and black trousers and still look a little casual. It is a necktie that makes him look professional and sophisticated.


Paisley Necktie


In this article, we will shed light on a few aspects of neckties that speaks volumes about who you are.

Colour: Red is considered as a conservative colour and is often associated with the authority and determination. Similarly, brown ties are regarded as stable and masculine. Pink ties, on the other hand, appear more gentle and friendly. If you want to look formal, powerful, and elegant, choose a black tie.

Pink TieBurgundy Tie  


Pattern: It is not only the colour but also the fabric pattern that renders a message about your personality. Striped ties are often considered as classic and conservative whilst polka dots are more friendly and light-hearted. Choose solid ties to bring versatility and boldness to your looks.


Striped Tie


Knots: The Four-in-Hand Knot is easy and suitable for most occasions. If worn with too wide of a collar or not tied with care, it may seem unkempt. The Windsor Knot is most suitable for business and formal occasions as it gives a sense of power. However, it may be more difficult to tie than other knot styles. A bowtie symbolises superiority and most often worn to formal events.


Bow Tie


Now that you know more about necktie symbolism, next time when you approach your tie collection before a meeting or formal event, just give a thought to the signal neckties pass about your personality.

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