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Joseph Barbour

We admire and look for elegance wherever the sight comes to us. Our IT Influencer and Content Creator from Virginia is the true icon in menswear. That’s why today we set out to reveal Mr. Barbour’s lifestyle
All the time given to you in life is valuable. What is a typical day like in the life of Mr. Barbour?
“Get up and start with Netflix and about 3-5 cups of coffee. Hit the gym for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours, if I'm not working the morning I'll meet up with my photographer to shoot my outfit that day, then I'll likely grab lunch at one of my favorite local eats before heading to work for the rest of the day, then when I'm off it's time to relax with some classic jazz or some Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin with dinner and a glass of wine or whiskey”.

Sundays best! ?? spending the rest of my day packing! Here I come #NYFWM ?? #josebarbour #sundaysbest

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It’s easier to make a good impression than to repair a bad image. What's your dress code on a daily basis?
“I dress for my mood, not the weather. And my work is very relaxed so I am always free to dress how I wish. Most days it's something more along the gentlemen's style with a typical button up, tie, vest, jacket, and slacks or chinos. But some days I like to switch things up with some distressed denim, turtlenecks, sneakers, or boots”.
“Do I need to take out a second mortgage for shoes? Maybe that or sell my house”.

Chilling cause #TGIF ?? time to relax! #josebarbour #dandyandson

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What do I like outside of fashion? Let’s talk about your personal life
“I am a big time gym rat, lover of cigars, bourbon, and blonds”.
With so many places to connect today tell us, Mr. Barbour, what is your favorite social media platform?
Which social media platform am I most active on? “Easily Instagram”

#tb to last season of #NYFWM ?? so psyched for next one! It's so close I can almost taste it! #josebarbour

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NYC, a city forever in flux, is impossible to “explore” in just one visit. If you've got one day to explore New York, where would you go?  
“I'd start out by grabbing breakfast and coffee at some shop somewhere in SOHO that I have yet to try, then of course shopping in midtown, relaxing into the evening in a nice cigar lounge, and ending the night with a visit to time square”.
How tech savvy you are? What is some cool tech you are using?
He replied: “Nikon, Apple Watch, and of course my Microsoft Surface”

With all this snow and bitterly cold temps I'm definitely missing summer right about now ☀️?? #josebarbour #otaa #tb

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All movies have something to offer, it just depends on what you need at the time. Name any three films worth watching?
This is my list of my favorite movies of all time:
“The Breakfast Club”, “Old Yeller”, and Bill Murrays "What About Bob"
   Joseph Barbour  
Sometimes it is important to determine whether or not we are achieving success in our lives. How do your measure success?
“I measure success based on personal goals. I've found that different people are content by different levels of success in life. While some are much more content with minimal possessions and status others would be appalled by it. I have found that you may consider yourself successful if you are able to analyze your life and find yourself content with whatever it is you have achieved. Be that simply a family and modest life, or status and wealth”.
You can learn how to layer yourself, to dress, to properly expel a cigar smoke and to wear a formal dress when it is required. The exclusive style of Mr. Barbour, our exclusive Man from OTAA and his interest in clothes are evident both on Instagram and his personal life because “class” is not just clothing, the “attitude” weighs a lot.   

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