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How To Tie a Tie

how to tie a nicky knot

Learn how to tie the Nicky Knot with this step-by-step tutorial! The Nicky Knot is an underrated albeit highly versatile tie knot that's commonly observed on mannequins in Milan. It offers a symmetrical style with medium fullness that will make you look incredibly cultured. Because it uses minimal length, it’s the perfect option for shorter ties. The Nicky Knot is made up of a unique combination of the Victoria Knot and the Four-In-Hand Knot and provides an elegant feature to your mid-week outfits. Whilst it isn’t the single, all-serving knot you’ll need in your repertoire, it certainly is worthwhile to learn!

Nicky Knot tying steps

how to tie a nicky knot - steps how to tie a nicky knot - steps how to tie a nicky knot - steps
  1. Place the tie around your neck with the underside facing outwards. Place the wide end on the left and the skinny end on the right. Position the wide end lower than the skinny end.
  2. Cross the wide end underneath the skinny end towards the left.
  3. Fold it up through the neck loop and then pass it down to the left side.
  4. Cross it over the skinny end towards the right.
  5. Fold it up through the neck loop from underneath.
  6. Pass it down through the loop you’ve created in the knot.
  7. Pull on the wide end to tighten the knot and then slide it up towards your neck.
How To Tie a Tie


The Nicky Knot is speculated to be named after Nicky Kruschev's visit to Milan. Milan was famous for using knots such as the Pratt Knot and Nicky Knot on their mannequin displays.

Nicky Knot Styling tips

The Nicky Knot offers medium fullness so it's a great complement for skinny ties and standard neckties alike. It can work with either narrow collared or widespread collared shirts and it's a superb statement for boardroom attire. The Nicky Knot is straightforward and confident, just like you. Pair it with a jacket to make everyone in the office envious.

Pressure Points for the Nicky knot

Make sure you secure the knot tightly otherwise it can look too big. If the knot isn't securely adjusted, the Nicky Knot may be hard to pair with narrow collars.
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