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How To Fold A Presidential Fold

The Presidential Fold is universally associated with simplicity and elegance. It's been a staple for our favourite silver screen icons over the years such as Mr. Bond and Mr. Buchanan and of course, the President. The Presidential Fold is sharp, rectangular and incredibly easy but if we know anything's for sure: the simpler, the better. 

Presidential Fold folding steps

How To Fold A Presidential Fold - steps How To Fold A Presidential Fold - steps How To Fold A Presidential Fold - steps
  1. Lay your pocket square face-down.
  2. Fold it in half from right to left.
  3. Fold it three quarters of the way back to the right side.
  4. Fold it in half from top to bottom.
  5. Fold the bottom section up to the back. Adjust according to the length of your pocket.
  6. Place the pocket square in your jacket pocket.
How To Fold a Pocket Square


The Presidential Fold is one of the most classic and widely known pocket square folds in the world. Its overwhelming popularity can be attributed to the fact that its effortlessly elegant and suits essentially every pocket square style. The Presidential Fold introduces a level of detail to your suit without being overwhelmingly bold.

Folding Tips

The Presidential Fold is predicated on precise, clean lines. This means you have to devote special care to making sure the edges match up evenly when you're folding it. Don't worry, it's not too hard!

Styling Tips

The Presidential Fold is so simple that it will complement pocket squares of all colours and patterns. If you have an extravagant pocket square, the simplicity of this fold may be the perfect option to balance it out. Because the Presidential Fold is understated, you have more freedom to choose an outlandish tie knot style.
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