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How To Fold A Classic Fold

The Classic Fold has earned its name for a reason. It's the most simple, elegant and traditional pocket square fold of the bunch. If you want to dress in the same tastes as Mr. Bond, the Classic Pocket Square Fold will be your 007 calling. It features a simple folded square in the crest of your pocket and we couldn't think of anything more elegant to polish off your formal arrangements. Gentleman, this is your new prized go-to pocket square fold!

Classic Fold folding steps

How To Fold A Classic Fold - steps How To Fold A Classic Fold - steps How To Fold A Classic Fold - steps
  1. Lay your pocket square face-down.
  2. Fold it in half from right to left.
  3. Fold the pocket square in half from bottom to top.
  4. Fold it in half from left to right.
  5. Fold the bottom section up to the back. Adjust according to the length of your pocket.
  6. Place it in your pocket.
How To Fold a Pocket Square


The Classic Fold invites a wealth of versatility and freedom to your styling choices. Because of its utter simplicity, you can take it in whatever styling direction you like. Go bold, go funky, go plain, go polka dotted- the power is in your hands!

Styling Tips

The Classic Fold is so simple and versatile that you can pair virtually any pocket square with it. Because of its simplicity, feel free to go as wild as you like with your pocket square choice. There's no pattern or colour too outlandish for the Classic Fold!

Folding Suggestions

The Classic Fold gives you freedom to be as precise or as loose as you like. You can either wear the Classic Fold with the edges all lining up evenly, or you can give it a relaxed feel by making the edges slightly uneven. It all depends on what kind of statement you want to make and what occasion you're dressing up for!
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