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What is the Correct Tie Bar length?

The correct length of a tie bar has been a relevant conversational topic for the past decade. Today, modern society has adapted to a broad set of guidelines that dictate the correct length a tie bar should be worn.


While this length is widely accepted among fashion circles, not every man has been clued in to the memo so it's not uncommon to see people completely disregarding these rules. However, if you want to look like a gentleman who really knows his way around his accessories, it's worthwhile learning about the correct length of a tie bar


Tie Bar and a Suit

The agreed upon tie bar length is one that spans ¾ the width of your tie. The specific measurement will of course depend on whether you're wearing a standard necktie or a skinny tie

 Mini Tie Bar Tie Bar

For standard neckties, a tie bar that's roughly 5.5 cm or 2.1 inches long will be ideal. It’s a very specific number but it’s the perfect goldilocks formula!


And for skinny ties, you should go for a tie bar that's between 2.5 cm / 0.9 inches and 4 cm / 1.5 inches long! 


Correct Tie Bar Length

If you want a more general rule of thumb, avoid wearing a tie bar that covers the full width of your tie. Alternately, if your tie bar covers half the width of your tie or less, it's too short! 


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