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How To Fold a Reverse Puff Fold

The Reverse Puff Fold will encourage you to be the most bold guy in the room. It’s fun, flamboyant and packs a lot of personality. Just like you. The Reverse Puff Fold is a whimsical alternative to the Puff Fold, and if you’re a guy that likes to bend the rules, the Reverse Puff will reward you with a wealth of versatility. The Reverse Puff Pocket Square Fold involves active peaks that rise up from your jacket pocket in the most engaging array. It’s a simple technique but it encourages you to be as creative as you like. Just think of yourself as a modern Picasso.

Reverse Puff folding steps

How To Fold a Reverse Puff Fold - steps How To Fold a Reverse Puff Fold - steps How To Fold a Reverse Puff Fold - steps
  1. Lay your pocket square face-up.
  2. Pinch your pocket square in the centre of the fabric and lift it up.
  3. As you elevate it, run your other hand down the length of the fabric with two fingers.
  4. Stop three quarters of the way down.
  5. Turn it around and fold the bottom section up to the back.
  6. Place it in your pocket.
How To Fold a Pocket Square


The Reverse Puff Fold is an inverted version of the Puff Pocket Square. Just take the Puff Fold, turn it upside-down and you essentially have the same thing! It encourages you to embrace imperfection and run with the authentic drape of the fabric. The Reverse Puff may look different with every pocket square you fold it with and you’ll never be able to achieve the same fold more than once. That’s the beauty of it!

Styling Tips

Wear the Reverse Puff for a loose and energetic statement at social engagements. If you wear it to a party it’s sure to be a conversation starter. The beauty of the Reverse Puff is that it’s casual enough to wear almost everywhere. It runs again the rules of perfection and encourages you to take a relaxed approach. Wear it to the office, wear it to dinner, wear it to your wedding. The Reverse Puff’s a winner for making a flamboyant statement.

Folding Tips

The best way to fold the Reverse Puff is to break all the rules of traditional pocket square folds! Be creative and introduce your own flair to it. The more creative, the better!
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