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How to Wear a Tie Casually

If you take into account the royal history of ties, it's easy to judge them as a formal accessory. When Croatian mercenaries visited King Louis XIV's Palace in France in the 17th Century; the cravat essentially became invented. From there, ties took centre stage. When it comes to wearing ties casually, there's a certain art that needs to be explained. The whole essence of "casual wear" is about not overdoing the small stuff; you need to know where to draw the line and wearing your accessories correctly is crucial. 


Is it possible that a fashion statement that was so highly regarded by the royals a few centuries ago can become a casual affair of today? If so, what's the best way to wear men's ties casually?


Can you wear ties casually?


There's no doubt ties have become an integral aspect of our every day existence; we wear them to job interviews, weddings, parties, dinners and casual lunch outings with friends. It's pretty clear to us that you can wear ties when on-the-go but there's certainly tips and tricks on how to do it the right way. 


In the game of casual fashion, it's important to be considered; the moment you start piling on too many accessories, your outfit will become overwhelmed. The art of wearing a tie casually comes down to playing it simple; forget your powerful satin and silk ties, peel it back and opt for some down to earth textures. 


Linen Ties

If you're looking to rock a "smart casual" look whilst out and about, linen ties are definitely the best option. They have a warm and inviting texture and their matte surface makes them more approachable on the street. Grab a pair of chinos and loafers to match and you're on your way to mastering the perfect casual tie look. 


Khaki Twill Stripe Linen Necktie    Grey Worm Slub Linen Tie

Knitted ties know best

A knitted tie not only brings a wealth of texture into casual wear, it also creates an inviting feel. If you want to give your casual-do's a really sharp point of difference, knitted ties perfectly bridge the gap between formal and casual style. Their cosy, textured aesthetic will give your look a more approachable perspective whilst smartening it up at the same time. Pair your knitted tie with a checkered shirt if you want to give a Chris Pratt spin to it. 


Knitted Tie


Subdued colours

When it comes to wearing your tie out and about, you'll want to steer clear of statement colours. The difference between formal and casual is the degree to which your tie makes a "wow" statement. For wearing a casual ensemble, it's best to choose subdued colours, go for a tie that will complement the colour of your shirt or your blazer; anything else will be too loud. 


Navy Blue Knit Tie   


Minimise your other accessories

The fact that you're already wearing a tie is enough, you don't need to layer on the other accessories to prove that you've got class. Real class is knowing where to draw the line and dress appropriately for each occasion. Forget the cufflinks, forget the bracelets, forget the tie bar and forget the collar pin; a tie is enough. 


Casual Tie


Steer clear of elaborate patterns

When a paisley tie hits the pavement it can look a bit overwhelming. If you're going to wear a tie casually, go for fabrics that have less elaborate patterns and formal associations. A solid, striped, plaid or polka dot tie will fit the bill perfectly but anything with intricate patterns may be too busy for casual arrangements. 

 Jeju Island Floral Tie Konya Chalk Stripe Green Linen Tie


The Take Away

It's fair to say that more caution needs to be taken with casual ties than formal ones. Ties that are worn incorrectly to difference occasions; especially in casual scenarios, have the tendency to draw the wrong impression. A formal tie with a casual outfit could be construed as peacocking or overly confident, you don't want to polarise your peers.

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