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  • Bond Burgundy Velvet Bow Tie
  • Bond Burgundy Velvet Fabric Bow Tie

Bond Burgundy Velvet Bow Tie

$25 USD


Sophisticated and textured, the Bond Burgundy Velvet Bow Tie will get you suited up to 007 elegance. Sported by Mr. Bond on all of his missions of espionage, this Bond Burgundy Velvet Pre-tied Bowtie makes a lethal statement of sophistication. Having been designed in-house and handcrafted from an exquisite velvet fabric, this Bond Burgundy Velvet Bow Tie is both plush and extravagant in equal proportions. Let it add a finishing touch to your wedding suits and formal looks alike. It will also bode superbly with classic tuxedos, just like the silver screen icon himself. Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA.


Product Code: A019-BT

      This item's measurements are
    • Length of bow tie strap at full length: 48 cm (18.89")
    • Length of tied bow: 11.5 cm (4.5")
    • Height of tied bow (widest point): 5.8 cm (2.28")
    • Height of tied bow (narrowest point): 2.3 cm (0.90")
    • All dimensions are approximate only
    • Care
    • Dry clean
    • Handmade
    • Specifications

    • Pre Tied Bow Tie
    • Bow Tie comes with an adjustable strap which can be adjusted to fit
    • Bow Tie latches on with a hooking mechanism when being worn
    • 100% Microfiber
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      Bond Burgundy Velvet Bow Tie has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 9 reviews.