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Rose Gold Glasses Tie Bar

$40.00 AUD

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The Brothers at OTAA stand for authentic design, and there are few pieces quite as unique as the Rose Gold Glasses Tie Bar. The first glasses in history were invented in 1290 in Italy. Their original purpose was strictly to aid vision or to block out UV rays. At OTAA, however, glasses are worn on ties to signify a superior sense of style. The Rose Gold Glasses Tie Bar is hand-chiselled from rhodium and finessed with an intricate sunglasses design. Showcasing immaculate quality, this in-house design features a rose gold finish and ebullient gloss complexion. The rose gold palette incites a warm-toned feature that will imbue your formal tailoring with a luxurious feel.


This tie bar will cover roughly 1/2 width of our neckties and 3/4 width of our skinny ties.


Length of Tie Bar : 4.8cm (1.88 inches)

Product Style : 401-TB

Material : Rhodium 


Style : Clip-On


Finish : Sheen

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