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Casino Royale Gold Cufflinks

$45.00 AUD


With immaculate design and lethal precision, these Casino Royale Gold Cufflinks are an ace up the sleeve for the man with panache. It takes Bond-like precision to pay attention to the finer aspects of an ensemble, and the incredulous detailing of these hand-crafted cufflinks will have you dealing a royal flush. Expertly hand-chiselled from rhodium, these cufflinks are finessed with eye-catching diamond embellishments and matte finish. The rich gold coating on these cufflinks will add a warm detail to your ensemble. Paired well with refined attire and a martini in-hand, these Casino Royale Gold Cufflinks are an exquisite addition to the OTAA assemblage.


Colour : Gold

Cufflink Style : 681-CL

Length of emblem face: 2 cm / 0.79 inches


Width of emblem face: 2 cm / 0.79 inches


Breadth of emblem face: 0.3 cm / 0.11 inches


Length of backing plates: 1.8 cm / 0.71 inches


Style of cufflink: bullet back

Includes a small cylinder at the back that rotates 90 degrees to hold the cufflink in place

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