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The iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Apple iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy Note 8? This is a question that many have asked but few have tried to answer - until now!
Yes, we are doing the unthinkable. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is possibly the flagship phone of the South Korean company for 2017. The iPhone X is Apple's flagship phone - especially since it seems the iPhone 8 is only an iPhone 7 upgrade - and therefore should be able to tackle the Samsung Titan with ease.
Samsung Galaxy vs. iPhone X
There is still a long time until the iPhone X is available, so we will not be able to enter a territory of clear references yet. However, we have compared both phones to help you decide which device you need.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs. iPhone X
Who wins the ultimate battle between these two beasts?
Price and Release Date
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is now available in the market. It was launched in mid-September for $900 with 64GB and, at that time, was considered to be an absurdly expensive phone. It was then when Apple announced the iPhone X that will arrive on November 3 at $999! On October 27th, the reservation deadline for the iPhone X opens so do not waste a minute if you want to get yourself with one. In addition, there are rumors that it may suffer delays in its delivery due to problems with suppliers, delaying shipping until 2018.
In terms of design, the iPhone X is certainly a novelty, especially since it is the first time in a while that Apple has deviated from its standard design.
iPhone X Design    
The most notable aspect of the design of the iPhone X is the use of an edge-to-edge display with curved edges, similar to the variety of Galaxy phones with the infinite display. Along the top is a small annoying black notch that houses Apple's facial recognition technology and the iPhone X's self-recognition camera.
The iPhone X is somewhat larger than the iPhone 8, with a glass back and an aluminum body. It also has a dual-camera vertical setup on the back and has not returned the headphone port.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Design
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 adopts a look very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. It has the curved edge-to-edge display with a new ratio of 18.5: 9, along with a super slim design and metal back with a finger-mounted reader mounted on the back and dual camera configuration.    
    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Design and Features
Due to Samsung's incredible screen technology, the Note 8 is not really much larger than the Samsung Galaxy S8 +, which makes it perfectly workable for use with one hand despite its giant screen.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screen
The Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung has a gorgeous Super AMOLED QHD + screen with a perfect contrast and 98.2% coverage of the RGB color range. It is one of the best screens that you will find on a smartphone and like all Samsung flagship models are much better than any other screen on the market.
    iPhone X Screen
The iPhone X, however, makes use of a display developed by Samsung from edge to edge. This means that the entire front face of the iPhone X is a screen, giving it a 5.8-inch "AMOLED Super Retina" screen backed by Apple's True Tone technology. We will not be able to see exactly how good it is until we can analyze it in depth, but as it is made by Samsung, it is likely to be comparable to Note 8, although Apple's True Tone technology may not be as accurate in terms of color.
iPhone X Screen
The iPhone X is powered by the same Bionic A11 chip found on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. You can imagine that the iPhone X may not feel as fast as the iPhone 8, as it has to launch more pixels on the screen at any given time. As always with Apple, we do not know how much RAM or battery capacity the iPhone X has - apart from the promise that it lasts two hours longer than the iPhone 7 - but it's presumably enough to keep Apple users satisfied.
On the back of the iPhone X, you'll find a dual camera configuration with optical image stabilization. Both cameras have a size of 12 megapixels, but one of them is f/2.4 wide angle and the other one f/1.8. Both use sapphire crystal lenses to prevent scratches. The front camera is the same 7-megapixel camera found on the iPhone 8.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is equipped with 6GB of RAM and an 835 Snapdragon. In terms of our benchmarks, its 835 Snapdragon went over the other processors.
In the camera section, the Note 8 comes with a dual camera configuration on the back with a 12-megapixel f/1.7 wide-angle camera and a 12-megapixel f/2.4 camera with 2x optical zoom. Both cameras come with optical image stabilization and produce some stunning images.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera
Both Samsung and the configuration of the Apple camera also have the ability to "Live Focus", something that Apple branded its own technology. Live Focus is an effect that helps you focus on a subject - you can adjust the amount of blur you want while taking the photo, or edit it in the post if you do not like the final look.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with 64GB of storage, which can be upgraded by another 256GB with the addition of a microSD card. The iPhone X only comes in 64GB or 256GB and has no expandable storage options.
Both phones are absolutely packed with new tricks to wasting time with them for hours. The Galaxy Note 8 comes with the Samsung Bixby smart assistant installed as standard and features the same iris scanning technology and a fingerprint reader that Samsung has used on its latest phones.
     Samsung Bixby
Something that will enchant fans of the phablet is the new Samsung S Pen Note 8. It not only works the same way as before but can now be used to annotate notes on the screen while it is off. This means that you always carry a notepad with you and you can write down quick ideas even if you do not have time to switch on the phone and find a note application. Handwriting and scribbling can also be converted into GIFs and even emoji. You can also highlight a sentence to see it translated instantly, or convert currency in the same way - brilliant for travelers.
The great feature of the iPhone X, apart from its edge-to-edge display, is its "Face ID" technology. By using face recognition, Apple has abandoned its "Touch ID" technology to enable you to unlock your phone by just using your face.
    iPhone X Face ID
Apple sells it as a great way to authorize payments through Apple Pay. Obviously, the new model will come with the latest update of Apple's operating system, iOS 11.
    iPhone X OS 
The two major brands that occupy the market of high-end smartphones now compete with their two terminals between quality and price. As with any comparison between an iPhone and an Android smartphone, the question you really want to answer is "Do you want to use iOS or Android?" If you do not know the answer to that and rely only on features, you're definitely better off with Note 8 from Samsung Galaxy.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
The real product celebrating 10 years of Apple is the iPhone X whose design breaks a lot with everything that has been done before in the Apple brand. On the two opposing models here, the effect is quite successful. Note that Apple's phone seems to have a higher screen-to-surface ratio and angles a little more rounded than Samsung's product.
 iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8  

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